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Este es un maravilloso lugar donde brillan el Amor más profundo y la Serenidad. Un espacio dedicado al Amor, la Evolución y sobretodo a la Luz y a los Seres que en ella moran. Sois todos bienvenid@s.


martes, 8 de noviembre de 2016


Este es un tema interesantísimo y aunque en este momento me es imposible realizar la traducción, no he querido dejar pasar la oportunidad de publicarlo, aunque sea en inglés... ya sabréis perdonarme. Espero que os agrade y sea de utilidad.

La acupresión es maravillosa y quienes me conocéis, sabéis que la utilizo siempre que puedo y además la aconsejo por ser una forma sencilla y de las más efectivas que conozco para tratarse en casa. Sigue una información muy completa sobre el sistema energético en animales, sobretodo en perros y gatos que, como veréis, pueden tratarse a traves de los puntos ubicados a lo largo del cuerpo, o únicamente en las plantas de pies y manos. 


Chakras are energy centres located throughout the body that translate a spiritual energy into a physical one. Examples of this are easy to describe in people. Have you ever felt as if you had a lump in your throat, making it hard to swallow? 

This is the location of your throat chakra which deals with communication and thoughts and events that are hard to swallow. Or you get a gut feeling about something that may announce danger, or caution, or the sense that you have always known the person you just met. That energy comes from the solar plexus chakra.

Although there are chakras throughout the entire body, there are seven major chakras in the body, each with its own attributes. Though each of the chakras is associated with a particular organ, emotional states, fears and anxieties, they are all intimately connected. They almost always are affected by our childhood programming. Though we cannot see chakras, since they are internal, we can map them. Each chakra draws in its own special vital energy from the physical atmosphere. It is discharged along the nervous system, flowing through the fatty sheaths not their fibres and is distributed throughout the body. Surplus and devitalized particles are released through the skin and breath. This exchange is vital to health.

Many people who have animals wonder if they have chakra centres as we do. Animals are very sensitive to energy, more so than we are and respond very well to chakra work as well as any form of energy therapy. Now by responding, I don’t mean to say they all like it! Many of you have found that as soon as you approach your companion to work with energy, be it Reiki or Quantum Touch, your friend immediately leaves.

I would often try working on Corky with Touch For Health which uses meridians and holding points while he was in the car in the passenger seat. As soon as I began, he would jump into the rear seat. Yet he loved reflexology. He is the one who taught me to use chakras on his hands and feet.

Dogs will often settle and sleep in areas of high energy, while cats tend to avoid those areas and go toward more negative energy areas. I do not know the reason for this. I do know that they like energy work and accept chakra work on the body as well as their “hands” and “feet”. Horses like body chakra work, probably because it is as inconvenient for them as for you to work on their extremities.

Now we will look into this in more details and how to find them on your pet.

Place your hands with one on the “front” or belly surface, and the other on the corresponding dorsal or back of your animal’s body. Pretend that you have a piece of dental floss between your hands and that you are flossing that connection until it is clean and moving freely. If you wish to have your hands on the animal that is fine and if you wish to have your hands moving freely and not touch, that is also excellent.      
Start with the Root Chakra, at the tail of your animal, slowly working your way from Root Chakra, to Sacral, to Solar Plexus, to Heart, to throat, to Brow and to Crown. When you have balanced each Chakra, finish by balancing the Crown Chakra to the Root chakra. Neither is more important. Each is needed for survival and for comfort, and is part of the “as above, so below” concept.

You can also place your hands on both right and left sides of your friend. Chakras are three-dimensional and enjoy being cleansed from all directions. This is the preferred technique for horses and animals who don’t like their paws to be touched.


1st method

The “as above so below” yin/yang technique on “feet” and “hands”. 

In this method, we will alternate between chakras above the waist and below the waist to encompass a yin/yang theory of energy. This creates equilibrium between your animal’s earth energy, his physicalness and his spiritual world. Unlike all other chakra techniques, we start with the heart  chakra to open to love. Many animals have suffered from neglect and abuse and yet they are so open to giving and receiving love and socializing with both humans and their own kind. Remember that animals live in the present. They don’t bear grudges the way we do although they may respond to body language causing fear, subordination and aggression.

1. Start with the Heart Chakra.  It is on the left foot only. Allow both your hands to either be still or perform small to larger circular motions on the  left foot or hand only, in the large plantar foot pad. Let your sense be your guide as to how long to hold or move on the point. If you wish, send  the colour green. within or surrounding them. This chakra is the great balancer and harmonizer. Even its colour is right in the middle of the rainbow. Green connects to unconditional love, a feeling more common to animals than people. The chakra relaxes muscles, nerves & thoughts, cleansing & balancing energy, giving feelings of peace, harmony, renewal. 

2. Now place a thumb at the centre base of the large triangular pad on each hand or foot at the Solar Plexus Chakra, circling or being still. Yellow is its colour, connecting feelings to the mental self, giving clarity of thought, increasing awareness, stimulating interest, curiosity. This chakra also controls the digestive system, stomach, spleen, the gall bladder, autonomic nervous system, low back muscles and as mentioned before “gut feelings”. Since they deal with survival, animals listen and respond immediately to these gut feelings.

3Throat Chakra  surrounds the base of the ball of the dewclaw or the bump that represents the big toe. It is also a secondary and very important thyroid reflex. Use your thumbs by crossing your hands so that your right thumb is working on your animal’s right dewclaw base as the left thumb works on the left dewclaw base (or the bump) Work on both feet alternately or simultaneously. Send the colour blue. Blue governs holistic balance, relaxing the mind and its control over the body. It is ideal for sleep and hyperactivity. It balances hormones, controls jaw, neck, throat, voice, airways, upper lungs, forelegs and the nape of neck. This is important for all animals that pull (sleds, carts, etc.) or wear backpacks or harnesses. These animals often pull with their necks as do dogs pulling ahead on their leashes.

4. Next is the Sacral Chakra – which on “hands” and “feet” is on the spleen reflex, and is on the left “hand” or “foot” only. Use both thumbs, and, rotating gently, visualize orange, which connects to your companion’s emotional self, bringing him a sense of joy, strengthening his appetite for life (and food), removes inhibitions. This is excellent for fearful, shy animals. It controls the pelvic area, sex organs, fluid functions, kidney, and bladder.

5. The Brow Eye Chakra is on the top of each pad and on the medial side of both dewclaws or their bumps. You can hold all of the pads simultaneously by covering the entire top of “foot” or “hand” by curving all your fingers over the pads, with your thumbs contacting the dewclaw area. Its healing colour is violet or indigo, which  connects your friend to his unconscious self, strengthens intuition, psychic self, dream activity, while also controlling the endocrine function, the left side of his brain, right eye, nose, ears and parts of the nervous system.

6. Now we go to the Root Chakra at the medial corner of the heel. Red is its colour, connecting your friend to nature and his physical self, stimulating life energy, life force, genetic instincts, survival instincts, inner strength, security, will power. This chakra will ground him, reminding him of his roots. It controls the spine, bones, teeth, nails, low portion of bowel, blood cells.

7. Now for the Crown Chakra on the inside of each big toe. Its colour is ultra-violet  and also gold, and it deals with devotion, something that animals are really good at. Violet connects your friend to his spiritual self, feelings, enhances his natural abilities, talents & skills and controlling the cerebrum, right brain, left eye central nervous system. Very important in animals that are having seizures, strokes, tremours, imbalance when walking.

8. The final step. Hold both the Crown and the Root Chakra at the same time on one “foot” or “hand” and then the other, balancing “as above-so below”. You are balancing all the spiritual assets to all the survival instincts for balance and adaptability to the world in which your forked lives.  It sponsors his neurology, creativity and inspiration marry them to vitality, courage & self-confidence.


The illustrations below are of a dog’s front paws or “hands” and of a cat’s hind paws or “feet”. All points are the same. Note the large medial area surrounded by the THROAT chakra 3.

This cat is polydactyl -  it has extra toes. The illustration shows how to work with that. In general, hold the dewclaw or ‘bump’, as shown in the “hand” graphic.


Similar to the full body chakra balancing method, start by holding the Root Chakra on each “foot” or “hand”. When it feels cleansed or balanced, move on to the Sacral Chakra., Continue with the Solar Plexus Chakra, then on to the Heart Chakra. Follow with the Throat Chakra, then the Brow Chakra and end with the Crown Chakra. Close your session by holding the Crown Chakra and Root Chakra with both hands on one “foot” or “hand” and then the other to balance the spiritual to the physical as neither is more or less important to health, balance and well-being.

 Affirmations for your companion

These can be spoken or silent. You can wish them for your friend or you can sing them. Maybe only one of them stands out, so send that one to your friend. There is no right or wrong way to use these affirmations and yet, I would like to remind you of something. Your animals are mirrors for you. They understand and present you with your life lessons. So any affirmation that is valuable for your friend is also part of your learning.

Chakra One -  Root - Balanced Foundation
Affirmation: I am grounded and calm. I am rooted to the earth. I am welcome, wanted and completely supported by my family. 

Chakra Two – Sacral - Balanced Vitality
Affirmation: I am fully alive. I appreciate all my feelings and fully embrace my abilities and sensual life. 

Chakra Three – Solar Plexus - Balanced Sovereignty
Affirmation: I am in charge of my life. I decide what is important and meaningful. I honor the boundaries of my family and those of others. I know when to surrender my personal will to that of my family. 

Chakra Four – Heart - Balanced Heart
Affirmation: My heart is open. I freely give and receive the healing power of love. I am loved, lovable, and loving. 

Chakra Five – Throat -  Balanced Expression
I express my truth clearly. I listen with discernment and good will for the true communication of others. I am ever open to hearing. 

Chakra Six – Brow - Balanced Personal Vision
Affirmation: I am part of the beauty in all things. I see into life for its hidden treasures. I am part of the divine spirit behind all creations. 

Chakra Seven – Crown - Your Crowning Glory
Affirmation: Like all living beings, I am a child of the Universe. I am fully committed to bringing light, love and balance to the earth. 

I trust your voyage through the chakras has been fun as well as useful. Feel free to write or email me with any wonderful, unusual or successful stories that have come your way because of this adventure.


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